About Us

Coffee that Heals 

The mission of My Brother’s Cup Coffee Company is across the street, as well as across the ocean! Our focus is to contribute profits from coffee sales to bring hope, help, and healing to the hurting. MBC supports those rescuing and restoring many who are caught in the trap of sex trafficking. This horrific crime is  affecting multitudes mentally, emotionally, and physically!

We must rescue the perishing! MBC partners are hands-on with “A Way Out” ministry founded and led by Chris & Kayla Payne. Daily, Chris meets with, encourages and leads people to resources to bring life saving changes to those who are chained to a lifestyle that destroys them as well as their families. There is “A Way Out”. 

Also, we support brothers and sisters in distant lands to go to unreached villages to see the lost be found which was the heart of My Brother’s Cup founder, Mike Pittman. 

Achieving our mission isn’t possible without achieving our goal: roasting the best tasting coffee around.